Fizzy Blood – ‘Pink Magic’

By Kelly Ronaldson

Solidifying their rightful place among names such as Tigercub and Dinosaur Pile-Up, Leeds five-piece Fizzy Blood return with a brand new four-track EP by the name of ‘Pink Magic’ – marking the band’s third in three years. The record mixes contagious noise pop with lo-fi guitars and fuzzy grunge echoes, blurring the lines between a multitude of nineties-style genres and generating their own unique take on alternative rock.

Title track ‘Pink Magic’ opens the record at a steady pace, boasting deep, guttural guitar riffs and an anthemic undercurrent that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Benji Inkley provides exceptional vocal work here, droning out that haunting lyrical hook, “I am the last man standing.” The track feels confrontational, lacking any dark aspects of aggression, but showcasing exactly what Fizzy Blood are all about.

‘CFO’ and ‘Illusion’ stretch further into indie-pop territory with upbeat tempos and subtle festival vibes, yet the band stay true to their roots through generous layers of distorted guitars and unnerving backing synths. ‘Strangers’, on the other hand, portrays a fresh, innovative side of Fizzy Blood that listeners may be unfamiliar with, taking on an obscure, dream-like atmosphere. Paired with nostalgic lyrics and echoed vocals, it provides the song with another layer of emotional depth, breaking up the steady pace of its neighbouring tracks brilliantly.

Guitarist Paul Howells hinted at the possibility of a forthcoming Fizzy Blood album, stating that ‘Pink Magic’ is what they believe to be “the most accurate representation of who [we] are as a band,” and adding that the last three EPs will have to “tide you over till [we’re] finished with what comes next.” If this is the standard to which we’re holding any future material, Fizzy Blood have a lot to live up to.


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