Feed The Rhino – ‘The Silence’

By Christopher Lee

Kent hardcore rockers and all-round, loud as fuck gentlemen Feed The Rhino have returned with their eight studio album, ‘The Silence’, and let’s say this right off the bat: it’s their best work to date.

It’s crazy to think that Feed The Rhino have been around for the best part of eight years now. Their debut album ‘Mr Red Eye’ was beautifully brutal. But like a fine wine, this record is more matured, more focused.

In places it is somewhat toned down. Second track ‘Losing Ground’, for example, might not be as heavy as some fans would expect, but it’s expertly crafted with some beautiful guitar playing and an almost ballad-like chorus that is sure to be a hit live.

If you’re thinking this new sound might diminish from all that makes Feed The Rhino great, well you couldn’t be more wrong. Embedded in the roots of this record is the mix of thrash, hardcore and punk that the guys have been unleashing over the years, only now it’s more finely blended together. ‘All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy’ is the pinnacle of this convergence, and simply put it is three and a half minutes of brilliance.

Don’t call it a comeback. Feed The Rhino have always been incredible, and this is by far and away their best record. Full of explosive riffs, and brutal yet atmospheric lyrics, overall testament to their skill. Here’s to the next eight years which are still full of potential. They might be even louder than before.


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