Energy – ‘Under The Mask’

By Dave Bull

Energy are making a wave in the goth punk scene right now. After a blistering performance supporting Creeper in London, they certainly set our radar flashing.

The start to their latest EP, ‘Under The Mask’ starts like a mix of Avenged Sevenfold meets AFI, the mysterious keys sections providing an interesting hook. They perfectly ramp up the seductive feel to this track and the repeat vocals of “the witching hour” are categorically what it takes to make a hook laden, catchy tune, sure to be an instant hit.

‘Under The Mask’ continues the smoky vocal theme, the head banging riffs perfect in places. The pace is slow throughout this track, but it skates under the subconscious and intoxicates all in its path. The clean vocal style of Tank is refreshingly poignant, exploring themes of depression and love lost. It contains all the meat that gives this album the saleability and the audience it is aimed at will surely lap it up like lovesick puppies. The breakdown beat and riff is replaced by an unexpected counter retort as the song drifts to a rather flat end, the hope for a raucous final drop perhaps a missed opportunity.

‘A Prayer For Rain’ is going to send Creeper fans off into delirium as they celebrate their next obsession. The calls of “we pray for rain” are so perfectly emotional that you can almost hear people singing it back. The screamed and almost tortured vocals that spiral around in the background offer new soundscapes which show diversity, before ‘I Killed Your Boyfriend’ almost sounds like a completely new band.

Energy waver into pop punk territory. And hey, whilst they might not be as poignant as previous tracks, the hooks of “I killed your boyfriend, I chopped him up with a knife” are sure to ring home to an audience who are more likely to be younger and going through the emotional relationship turmoil that is their teenage years. The lyrics will probably ring true to some of their feelings, but perhaps it’s not advisable to actually do what Tank suggests…

‘The Shape Retreats’ is a reasonably pointless interlude, complete with a thunder clap, perhaps to add to the mystique and wonder that the band’s PR are trying to create, before ‘Leave Me Alone’ closes out the EP with good old fashioned dose of emo/punk. There is even an acoustic intro before an electric riff that is sure as hell going to get some incredibly excitable. Lyrics of “leave me alone, surviving the unknown” are going to be sung back at fever pitch across venues very soon. Mark our words: this band are here to stay. And with a goth-punk scene that is burning with energy, it’s time for bands like this to step up and be noticed. With ‘Under The Mask’, Energy are exposing all that they offer – and it’s infectiously good.


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