Edward Turner – ‘Night’

By Clara Cullen

Endearing and incredibly mellow, former Pegasus Bridge frontman Edward Turner has released a five-track EP that puts a deserved spotlight onto the talented songwriter.

With an inventive lyric-esque video (or not, depending on your likeness for Sharpie drawings, ‘The Things That Don’t Move In The Night’ will grow on you with more listens. Those keen for some relaxing singer/songwriter action will find this hard to bat away, especially if they’re trying to drift off to sleep.
A proportion of Edward’s hand-painted ‘Night’ EPs were distributed with personalised notes, and one note in particular rings true: “Listen to me in the dark.” It might seem an obvious command considering the EPs title. But as soon as you hear songs like ‘Dark Side,’ the indie-spaceship vibes demand to be listened to in a darkened room.
The handy-cam shot music video, filmed in a Spanish aquarium, is complete with beautifully slow moving, colour-changing octopuses. It proves to be the perfect representation of ET’s sound: sensual, unpolished and relaxing.
The focused direction of Edward Turner’s music keeps you from hesitating. The romanticised lyrics, the coasting pace of ‘When I Call’, and the breathy vocals on ‘Weird Crush’ might lead you to dream about having Edward Turner as your boyfriend, and that’s okay.
Despite only being an EP, ‘Night’ sets high standards. The Macclesfield man has supported bands such as Futures and We Are The Ocean, and these opportunities are helping him carve out a upward path. Sure, it’s only been a year since the Pegasus Bridge announced their hiatus, but this record makes you think Edward Turner has been doing his solo thing for years longer.
Now… let’s dim down the lights.

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