Down I Go – Gods

By Tom Aylott

DOWN I GO, stunningly inactive for the best part of their entire existence as a band, have decided to call it a day, but before they retire from not doing all that much that often, they’ve finally completed the (proper) follow up to the marvellous ‘Tyrant’ – a four track EP entitled ‘Gods’.

As you may well have guessed, the theme of the EP is eponymous (Greek Gods specifically), and from opener ‘Demeter’ to ‘Icarus’, Down I Go make no fuss about producing some of the intriguing post-rock you’re likely to get anywhere near this year.

Full of dissonance, angular melodies and off-kilter vocal, ‘Gods’ is sublimely weird, and though it’d be hard to claim that it’ll be everyone’s cup of tea – mostly because in this particular analogy it’d be a cup of tea dosed with amphetamines – it has a propensity to grab you by the ear lobes.

It’s somehow tragically appropriate that ‘Gods’ will (supposedly) never be performed live because of geographical constraints, but the intense, nightmare-like skittishness of it makes plenty of other “bold moves” this year look like toddlers playing Nickleback songs on Rock Band with their eyes closed. If you’re looking for some new music, and don’t mind feeling a little violated, ‘Gods’ has you covered.


The EP is released on November 7th, and you can see the video for ‘Poseidon’ below:

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