Deaf Havana – ‘All These Countless Nights (Reworked)’

By Emma Greveson

‘All These Countless Nights’ was released in January 2017, hitting the UK album charts at number five, and the independent album charts at number one. When Deaf Havana announced that they would be releasing a new, re-worked version of this album their fans couldn’t wait to hear what they’d done with the existing material.

‘Ashes, Ashes’ is one of their most popular tracks on the original album and has been re-worked with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra providing the instrumental element of the track. In comparison to the original, this version is much more laid back. The orchestration is simple and is mostly made up of the string section which builds up over the course of the track.

With the track listing being the same as the original release, ‘Trigger’ is next. This track was originally one of their most upbeat and energetic efforts. Re-worked, it now has an acoustic arrangement and is much slower, which leaves James Veck Gilodi room to portray much more emotion through his vocals. The track features a beautiful, emotional guitar solo which fits perfectly and leads flawlessly into the final chorus.

‘Like A Ghost’ has been somewhat synthesised and is the biggest contrast on the whole of this re-worked album. Although the track again features the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, there are many synthesised elements to the song. The mixture of the strings from the orchestra, the drum beat, and the catchy melody, creates a pop feel which is a complete change in direction for the band.

‘Seattle’ is originally down-beat and laid back. Re-imagined, it’s toned down even further and much more acoustic. The piano stands out and holds most of the rhythmic element, with help from a very subtle hand drum. The orchestra comes in towards the end of this track, adding a real flourish and intensifying the emotion portrayed. The track is finished by a simple one-liner “Seattle seems so long ago, and you’re so far away” which comes as a surprise and almost feels too sudden.

This re-worked album is a mixture of acoustic, orchestral and downbeat pop. Without straying too far from their original style, Deaf Havana have provided a varied album that shows their efforts in another light and will surely be appreciated by their fans.


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