Dayseeker – ‘What It Means To Be Defeated’

By Chris Marshman

There are moments of life when feelings must be screamed rather than spoken, and Dayseeker’s new album ‘What It Means To Be Defeated’ is no exception. Packed full of angsty lyrics and methodically placed back tracks, these San Diego punk rockers illuminate a darkened view of the world with a surprisingly distinct tone. The up and coming release is sure to be liked and perhaps even adored by fans of groups such as Memphis May Fire or Bring Me The Horizon.

It is clear that Dayseeker focuses on a unique dynamic in their new album that sets them apart from other metal or post hardcore groups. To no avail, many popular artists employ the use of electronic or fake melodies. However, in ‘What It Means To Be Defeated’, Dayseeker has managed to cleverly intertwine true musical skill with harmonized synthetics into a beautiful sound, comparable to that of popular Linkin Park. Tracks such as ‘Sleep In The Sea’ and ‘Black Earth’ illustrate that concept, and outline the proper way in which to conduct such a blend of musical formats. No need to get upset over the modern use of computerized sounds, for fans of a more gritty and stripped down metal, they can enjoy Dayseeker’s raw talent. ‘Incinerate’ and ‘Resurrect’ pay tribute to the defiant nature of the genre, with bare guitar riffs and increasingly intense drums.

This five-piece band is in no way short-listed when it comes to talent. Vocalist Rory Rodriguez manages to find a balance between the harsh nature of the music and the spoken meaning of the lyrics. Not all music produced by Dayseeker contains the constant liveliness of screamo, but instead incorporates the classic catchall of just a singular voice and an acoustic guitar back track. “If there’s a hell, you might as well mark a spot for my soul”, gently sings Rodriguez in ‘Hollow Shell’-a well versed song incorporating both a hardcore and soothing melodic vibe.

Currently on tour in North America, the members of Dayseeker are certainly kicking off the release of their first album appropriately. Drawing off of the nostalgic sound from previous members of Southern Lights and Arms Like Yours, there is no doubt that Dayseeker will produce great tracks in the near future. ‘What It Means To Be Defeated’ is definitely not an album to be overlooked by any true punk rocker.


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