Cry For Silence – The Longest Day E.P


Mighty Atom Records is once again guilty of bringing us another top draw hardcore/screamo band. This time in the shape and form of London based quintet Cry For Silence. These guys have recently enjoyed the “on the road” life with Fightstar to promote their E.P, “The Longest Day” but should in no means be compared with the former Busted front man’s new handy work. Cry For Silence are moody, hard and aggressive and probably one of the most under rated bands on the Mighty Atom roster. This E.P has been at the bottom of my “to do” pile for quite some time, for the world’s most unknown reason…

Early listens suggest that this E.P lacks in production, but after I realised I had the volume control on about an eighth its ability so cranked it up, the full effect of this CD smacks you full on. Cry For Silence like their rock. You can tell with some of the amazing songs this E.P boasts, why they fit in perfectly with today’s hardcore scene. “The Perfect Song” and “A Souvenir From Italy” are very Funeral For A Friend type songs, but vocalist Adam Petit has his own passionate overlay which adds a different aggression, similar to that of Million Dead‘s front man. Although most people will pass this CD off, and stereotype it, Cry For Silence do have a natural style, and a variation track with out vocals, “Longest Day” is a great way to show more diversity.

Although some may pronounce that the swinging microphone, post hardcore, side parting screamo / emo phase is over, amazing bands like Cry For Silence, and other artists like those supported by Mighty Atom keep cropping to the surface, and whilst they are, I for one am going to continue to enjoy these bands.

Pete Punktastic

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