Creeper – ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’

By Kathryn Black

Creeper have released a life-changing album; one that provides a much needed, punk rock respite from the acidity of the outside world at a time when we really need some new, inspiring music to get excited about. ‘Eternity In Your Arms’ has been a long time coming from the mysterious south coast punks and it doesn’t just live up to the hype, it surpasses it.

The theatricals start with the opening piano bars of ‘Black Rain’. A soaring chorus of group vocals, it has all the drama of the music video that accompanies it. The frantic ‘Poison Pens’ has a more frustrated and angst-driven sound, as drums thrash and band members shout before a slowed down, gloomy interlude.

‘Suzanne’ has more than a touch of My Chemical Romance about it, with the bridge repetition and solo “we’ll die holding hands” straight out of the Gerard Way handbook. With as captivating a front man and as unfaltering an aesthetic, the comparisons between bands are bound to happen but Creeper swap military jackets for callous hearts. Although they’ve suggested their attitude and mythology is based on an era of rock and roll gone by, they sound like a band for a new generation. In the way we speak about ‘The Black Parade’ today, we’ll be talking about ‘E,IYA’ in a decade.

‘Hiding With Boys’ chorus shines with powerful harmonies and Hannah Greenwood’s obvious presence on the majority of the songs brings a lighter tone to the depth of Will Gould’s growls. It was a risky move that’ll face some backlash from (boring) punk purists, but the country sound of ‘Crickets’ pays off. Tender but strong, soft but gritty, you wonder why keyboardist Greenwood isn’t the star of the show more often. In a time that the diversity of the punk scene is under scrutiny, it’s about time we had a female role model to show the boys how it’s done.

Cementing its position as their go-to ballad, ‘Misery’ leaves a subtle reminder of dark imagery and emotive material and the passionate cries of “you are all I fear / you are words I never wrote / you are years ago” will be ingrained in memories for years to come. A different sound altogether, ‘Down Below’ has the Americana punk sound of Against Me! and a powerful, singalong refrain, and ‘Room 309’ is built on rolling drums, deliberate riffs and rousing singalongs – before a contrasting end.

‘I Choose To Live’ brings the record to a suitably endearing close as Gould cries out, “life don’t seem as dark when I sing with you”. In a time when we need to seek comfort in music and feel determined to carry on, Creeper’s mystery has given us a distraction, excitement and a sense of hope. ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is an important album to help you find light in the darkness and for Creeper, who are keeping the intrigue and excitement of music fandom alive, this is only the beginning.


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