Comeback Kid – Through The Noise

By paul

There are a couple of live albums on the horizon for Victory, the first of which is a live set by Comeback Kid. Like any live album if you’re a fan of the band this is essential listening. It’s not really one, however, for those new to the band. The recording seems a little tinny and rough – it’s more bootleg than studio quality, which I guess actually is in keeping with the band in any case.

Most of the band’s ‘hits’ are here with the likes of ‘Broadcasting’, ‘Wake The Dead’ and ‘Lorelie’ all featured. Comeback Kid deliver each song with an energy and fury they muster on their studio albums, so it’s very much representative of the band in a live setting. As I said previously this isn’t the glossiest live album you will ever hear, but it’s still pretty much unmissable for fans of the band.

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