Colt 45 – ‘Inside The Triangle’

By Clara Cullen

After non stop touring, the boys in Cumbria’s Colt 45, return with their best EP yet. If ‘Inside The Triangle’ is anything to go by, Colt 45 have certainly begun the gruelling ascent towards rock n’ roll’s upper echelons.  The EP which is produced by pop punk’s go to producer Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For a Friend, Twin Atlantic, Kids in Glass houses etc) is a slick and ballsy monster, chock full of confident melodies and anthemic sing-a-longs . ‘Inside The Triangle’ signifies Colt 45 serious claim to be one of the UK’s most exciting new rock bands.

This 5 track EP opens with the crackling spoken word intro of ‘Think For Yourself…Question Authority’ and this defiant streak runs throughout ‘Inside The Triangle’.  While ‘Everything Will Let You Down’ clearly focuses on Colt 45’s unresolved misanthropic feelings, it’s tuneful melodies are a nod to rock stalwarts Foo Fighters. The growl in lead singer Neil Harper’s vocals reinforce the darker edge to this melodic song.

Tales of friendship and self reflection weigh heavily on ‘Inside The Triangle’ on’ I’m Drowning, Not Waving’ Harper sings “I hate the feeling that i’m trapped inside“. When the EP begins to rely too heavily on tired lyrical cliches, the forceful drumming and subtle guitar riffs always helps to elevate  Colt 45 beyond the standard pop punk clone.  A special mention must be given to Colt 45’s drummer Adam Lewis who’s drumming consistently compliments the best of Harper’s guitar riffs.

‘Happiness Is A Dying Art’ is sure to be a fan favourite, it’s catchy chorus marks it out from the pack and it’s accessibility will help see it gain air play. It’s focus on lost friends would with many other bands come across as draining, but its sheer tunefulness and Colt 45’s exuberance, means you can’t get through this song without grinning.

Overall ‘Inside The Triangle’ is a mightily impressive EP. It builds upon their last offering ‘Chasing Yesterday’ but sounds more confidently musically and more introspective lyrically. It’s a combination that will help carry Colt 45 to the wider public attention.


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