Cavorts – ‘Times Told’

By Clara Cullen

‘Times Told’ gives you the perfect introduction to this Yorkshire four-piece, with vocals that rival the local whiskey-breathed drunkard’s. Cavorts, reminiscent of Cancer Bats, have crafted an EP that’s unrelenting, dirt-ridden, playful and most importantly too short. With a party vibe throughout, the playful riffs on ‘Make It Suffer,’ spark off images of windmilling, hairy beasts amongst the pit, which is no doubt the scene when Cavorts play live.

With one beef monger of a riff, ‘Pig Of Ballast’ will mercilessly rain down on your ears, giving you only time to wipe the sweat off your face bar nothing else. If you thought up until this point, that Cavorts were simply a dish with no variety, then you’d be wrong. Just over halfway through ‘Pig Of Ballast’ comes a moment which will within all it’s 20 seconds, shift your opinion of the band. Sure, Ryan Senior’s vocals will fool you into thinking this band are gung ho and nothing in between, with patience and more listens Cavorts improve.

Again, the quieter moments in tracks like ‘Save Some Things’, will lighten the load induced on your ears. Having toured with the riff Kings Dragonforce, it’s no surprise to see a few flickers of show off riffs appearing amongst the heaviness of the track (also see end track ‘The Way’). By the time you get to track four (which realistically won’t take you long), Cavorts should’ve fully communicated who they are, as not just the one trick pony that will translate from the first listen.


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