Bottom Bracket – ‘I Don’t Care Enough To Stay’

By Renette van der Merwe

Tiny Moving Parts have been the most notable band responsible for a resurgence in Midwest emo – but there have been many acts, like Balance and Composure and The Hotellier, who have been working hard to keep the scene alive. And yet, to do so, it isn’t just about the masters, but also the newcomers – and Bottom Bracket are one of those.

Despite only starting out in 2016, the Illinois trio have played an integral part in their hometown DIY scene. Taking inspiration from pioneers American Football, as well as Algernon Caldwalker, So I Watch You From Afar, and a cluster of other great bands, they created music they’d not only take to the road with, but also lay down on a five track EP called ‘Dreamland’.

Now, they add debut album ‘I Don’t Care Enough To Stay’ to their discography, and it sounds as though Tiny Moving Parts and Moose Blood had a lovechild. Unfortunately, it lacks the energy of the former and the palpable emotion of the latter, but they’re not a band without potential.

Starting off with lead single ‘Failures’, the album dives right in with the mathy guitar riffs the genre has become known for. It’s crisp and twinkling, providing an interesting contrast to Mario Cannamella’s more subdued vocals, which still maintain a rich quality.

‘Circadian’ is a highlight, blooming with enticing qualities that shift the spotlight away from the math aspect of this band and shine it brighter on their versatility. Having a song predominantly composed of math rock riffs can become distracting, and the band do well here to juggle it with catchy guitar melodies and rolling drums.

At times ‘I Don’t Care Enough To Stay’ does blend together, and whilst that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it makes it feel whole – it’s hard not to crave a little more energy from it. Their EP ‘Dreamland’ had a wonderful tempo to it, a uniqueness that one can’t help but feel has been lost somewhere along the way. Overall, the band delivers a perfectly good Midwest emo record that dabbles in the dark arts of pop punk, but in today’s musical climate where a multitude of artists are readily available at our fingertips, sometimes good isn’t good enough. Bottom Bracket have, with this album, proven they’re capable – in time they’ll hopefully show us more of themselves and what sets them apart.


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