Black Shapes – Black Shapes

By Tom Aylott

Spoiler alert: BLACK SHAPES‘ debut self-titled EP is awesome.

New hardcore music isn’t always the hardest thing to find in London, but rarely does it come and grab you by the balls in the same way BLACK SHAPES do here.

Thrash, metal and hardcore elements are all present and correct – fans of TRASH TALK, PAINT IT BLACK and the other usual suspects will have an absolute field day on tracks like ‘Chaos Reigns’ and any of the other tracks that make up the 15 minutes on display here.

The band do a great job combining many elements of the best of the hardcore sub-genres, and for a debut release, they sound accomplished and confident.

The best thing about the EP is that the band are giving the whole thing away for free from their Facebook page. That means you have no excuse not to give it a try, and it comes thoroughly recommended. Our advice? Go nuts.


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