Being As An Ocean – ‘Death Can Wait’

By Jess Tagliani

Just over four years after the release of ‘PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O Story’, much loved post-hardcore outfit Being As An Ocean are sharing their latest brand of socially conscious and soulful music in the form of ‘Death Can Wait’ – a ten track masterpiece.

Kicking off with ‘Beautiful Agony’, vocalists Joel Quartuccio and Michael McGough immediately showcase just how brilliant and strong their duelling vocals are; Quartuccio’s rough and ready screams perfectly complement McGough’s softer yet soaring vocals. ‘Swallowed By the Earth’ and ‘Purest Love’ rage with pure emotion and power, the latter proving to be particularly emotive with a dark undertone and punchy guitar work.

By far, one of the most beautiful tracks of this release is ‘…Gave It a Voice So That My Heart Could Speak’ with flawless vocal work shining alongside clever riffs and tidy drum patterns. Lyrics like, “When we feel the lowest, we must press on the hardest / Don’t wait, just be the change / Don’t let your anger be misplaced” are truly gut-wrenching and are written with intent, speaking directly to the soul.

‘Flesh and Bone’ and ‘Gloom’ convey simply gorgeous melodies, punctuated with aggressive harmonies and bursts of adrenaline. The intricate melodies that make up the last few moments of the former are stunning, whilst the latter brims with power from beginning to end. The strength and energy of ‘Paradise In My Mind’ sees McGough’s vocal range truly elevate whilst working in some delicious vocal licks, whilst ‘Snake’ displays some truly towering riffs that pulse with dark energy.

Title track ‘Death Can Wait’ is another standout. It’s simply stunning, and the power it exudes is staggering. The vocal cries of the track’s title feel like a call to arms – a call to live life to the fullest before the inevitable happens to each and every being. Again, the way Quartuccio and McGough’s differing vocal styles come together to create such beauty is truly astounding.

Rounding off with ‘The Fullness of My Being’, a sensational track to sign off with, it’s clear that Being As An Ocean are hitting back hard with this release. Full of power and bruising riffs, ‘Death Can Wait’ is another perfect example of the evocative power this band wields.


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