Architects – Revenge

By paul

What makes Punktastic so rewarding is the fact that amongst the sea of drivel we get sent on a daily basis, there’s always the odd gem that makes it through. Architects are one of those bands that make sitting through the dross all the more worthwhile. Described on their press release as “powerful midwestern rock n soul”, Architects have a gruff vocalist in Brandon Phillips, who adds passion and fire to a band that wear their hearts on their sleeves. ‘Revenge’ is bluesy and boozy – there are references to alcoholism and is generally confrontational throughout – although this is a style which suits them well.

Featuring ex members of The Gadjits, Architects are an excellent band. ‘Revenge’ is as it says on the tin – a record that takes an in-depth look at the jilted and bitter, featuring songs soaked in blood, sweat and tears. Opener ‘Reciprocity’ is one of the strongest on the record with a catchy, yet powerful, chorus, while ‘The Badge’ and ‘Grace’ stand up as strong as any tracks on the record. The former bites at the police in a raucous rock and roll way, a theme the band manage to keep up throughout. Without being overly political, Architects are always socially aware and their thoughts and opinions always come across strongly. While this may be a far cry from their former guises, this is a blistering album and well worth checking out.
Anodyne Records


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