AGHAST! – Live Dangerously

By Tom Aylott

AGHAST! certainly don’t hold back with opening their three track EP. ‘Look Alive’ begins with blistering riffs that are more than capable of catching you off guard. Vocalist James throws in his entire heart and soul, and the result is a fine balance of emotive and aggressive delivery that sits perfectly over powerful percussion and thunderous bass. Despite ‘Look Alive’ being over three minutes long, the sheer tempo and complex construction of the song makes it feel like it’s over in a flash.

In places vocally reminiscent of bands such as THE RED CHORD and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, AGHAST!’s instrumental speed and flexibility comes well augmented, with second track ‘We Fear Silence’ being the perfect example of this, despite its slightly repetitive nature which prevents it being the stand out track of the EP.

Closing track ‘Drop Dead Famous’ is everything that you’d expect from a band like AGHAST! – the band’s furious chords, breakneck drumming and menacing vocals are best heard on this track, and the sheer speed of everything AGHAST! do mean the EP starts and ends in astonishing speed. It’s definitely a release that leaves you wanting more, and it’s hopefully only a matter of time before the band get around to releasing a brain blending full length.


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