22 – Kneel Estate

By Tom Aylott

This is quirky Norwegian four-piece 22‘s second EP, and it sounds absolutely nothing like anyone else around at the moment. The video for ‘Kneel Estate’ can be described as nothing other than bizarre, but it paves the way for an incredibly unique sounding EP.

Opening the EP is ‘Kneel Estate’ itself, starting brilliantly and building up suspense, leading into a great chorus. However, the title track is by no means the best of the lot: second track ‘Molecyl’ is a fantastically jaunty, excellently catchy and carries some unexpected chugging riffs.

The mixture of fairly heavy riffs and high-pitched vocals on ‘Alogrythm’ works surprisingly well, and the last thing that could ever be said about this EP is that it’s boring. The only comparison that can be made to any other existing band is that the vocals can occasionally sound a little Muse-like, but aside from that, the band stand alone.

The inclusion of a ‘Kneel Estate’ remix to end the EP is perhaps a little unnecessary, but as remixes go, it’s a pretty good one. If ‘Kneel Estate EP’ is anything to go by, things might just get interesting for 22.


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