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From Friday 18 August 2023

The XCERTS – ‘Learning How To Live And Let Go’

Five years on from embracing heartfelt Americana rock on ‘Hold onto Your Heart‘, The XCERTS have returned for their fifth full-length outing in the form of ‘Learning How To Live And Let Go’. On the surface, it’s one where the Brighton-based trio have considerably regressed. Its 2018

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Trophy Eyes – ‘Suicide and Sunshine’

It’s been five years since Aussie outfit Trophy Eyes’ last full-length outing. 2018’s ‘The American Dream’ honed in a bigger-is-better sound, packed with big choruses yet was anchored by an emotional weight. And now we have ‘Suicide and Sunshine’, a record that was intended

Thursday 09 March 2023

Manchester Orchestra – ‘The Valley of Vision’

By now, it’s commonplace for Manchester Orchestra not to be a routine band. Ever since 2017’s ‘A Black Mile to the Surface’, frontman Andy Hull, lead guitarist Robert McDowell, bassist Andy Prince and drummer Tim Very, have branched out from their indie rock roots. ‘The Million Masks of

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Real Friends – ‘There’s Nothing Worse Than Too Late’

Having embedded new vocalist Cody Muraro on 2021’s ‘Torn In Two’, Real Friends has returned with another set of emotionally-charged pop-punk/pop-rock scorchers. Citing bands such as The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, and Jimmy Eat World as influences behind the writing of ‘There’s Nothing Worse Than Too Late’,

Friday 20 January 2023

New Found Glory – ‘Make The Most of It’

From producing pop-punk classics to paying tribute to silver-screen moments to dropping festive cuts, New Found Glory’s career has certainly been decorative and varied. They’re now adding an acoustic album to their bow in the form of ‘Make The Most Of It’. Split between seven new songs and seven

Wednesday 09 November 2022

L.S. Dunes – ‘Past Lives’

Throughout the history of music, so-called “supergroups” have had mixed results. Audioslave, Velvet Revolver and Them Crooked Vultures are three examples of “supergroups” finding success, and then there are collaborations that many want to forget such as Lou Reed and Metallica. Nevertheless, when members of established bands come together,

Thursday 03 November 2022

Magnolia Park – ‘Baku’s Revenge’

In recent years there has been an ongoing pop-punk revival (again). However, it’s now more diverse and inclusive beyond the stereotypical white male. One of the emerging groups in the pop-punk scene is the Orlando-based collective, Magnolia Park. Through a regular stream of singles, collaborations, EP’s, and various touring

Thursday 27 October 2022

Tigers Jaw – ‘Old Clothes’

Last year, Tigers Jaw released their sixth album, ‘I Won’t Care How You Remember Me’. It saw the Pennsylvania group return as a collaborative quartet, yet maintained the indie rock sound co-leaders Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins had established in recent releases. The slightly under-appreciated record was carried by

Monday 12 September 2022

Beauty School – ‘Happiness’

Beauty School’s roots are firmly in the constantly thriving music scene of Leeds. Their debut album, ‘Happiness’, is the culmination of years of playing in various bands together, long-term friendships and overcoming a difficult two years. It sees the quintet confidently carry their collective influences on their shoulders, blending

Friday 19 August 2022

Joe Appleford – ‘Dystopian Dreams, Utopian Nightmares’

Croydon trio Bad Sign were very much in that group of UK alt-rock bands that should’ve been bigger, yet they succumbed to the trials and tribulations that any independent band goes through. For frontman Joe Appleford, Bad Sign’s end took it’s toll on the 28-year-old to the point he