What Gives (Dowsing, Annabel members) look inward and outward on debut album, ‘Feels Good’

By Aaron Lohan

Chicago, IL’s What Gives are exclusively sharing their upcoming debut album, ‘Feels Good’, with us at Punktastic.

Featuring members of Dowsing, Annabel, Pet Symmetry and Elway, this quintet combine all of their personal experiences and influences together to deliver a pop fuelled indie rock record brimming with a charming sincerity and awkward honesty.

“Writing ‘Feels Good’ was a very collaborative process for us, which was a super cool and new way to approach writing a record,” explains the band. “Taking specific themes from each of us and mixing them together resulted in a really interesting, broad perspective. The album deals with looking at a dark place that exists in all of us, but overcoming it with the people around you. We asked – is there live, love, laugh after love?”

‘Feels Good’ by What Gives will be released on the 21st April via Skeletal Lightning.