Watch Faultlines new video for ‘Breathe’

By Glen Bushell

Faultlines music comes direct from real experiences, and the idea of trying to find light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing exemplifies that more than their new single, ‘Breathe’, which we re bringing you the video for today.

“We always like to make my lyrics about personal experiences,” say the band of the single. “Whether that be myself or another band member. I feel this is the best way to develop a strong attachment to the song and for the writing to translate across to the listener. With ‘Breathe’ that is exactly what we’ve tried to achieve. This single had input from all five members due to the theme being about something we’ve all experienced multiple times. Something or someone pulling you down, stopping you achieving your goals and the subsequent need to eradicate it/them from your life.
Though this is the case, we tried to keep the lyrics as open and ambiguous as possible, in order for it to be relatable to the listener in any way they see fit. We were all in agreement that we need to keep the listener guessing and remain subtle in our words. A formula that we intend to keep working on for future material.”

“We found the best structure was starting with this issue and working through the song until it reached a resolution,” they continue. “The chorus however will always remain the main focus and summary of the topic. I’d rather all my lyrics be somewhat positive, thinking of the listeners perception once more, showing that there are always solutions to situations and encourage positive thinking.”

Faultlines will play at Facedown in London on July 7, and you can keep up with the band on Facebook.