wars Premiere New Track ‘I Don’t Feel A Thing’

By Penny Bennett

Wars have released the new track ‘I Don’t Feel A Thing’, the second instalment of ‘Chapter Two’ following the latest single ‘Murmurs’.

“’I Don’t Feel A Thing’ is about the danger of adjusting too much to your surroundings, constantly trying to live within the emotional means of your environment; which can leave you oscillating between feeling too much and not feeling at all. I think there’s a point where you become numb and a point soon after that where it all comes rushing back and it’s a battle at both ends of the spectrum.” Vocalist Rob Vicars explains.

Earlier this year, Wars released ‘Chapter One’, which is made up of the tracks ‘Only Monsters’ and ‘A Fog Of Feeling’. With more to come throughout the year, the chapters will form their upcoming second album A Hundred Shivers, which will be
released next year.

Releasing an album in ‘chapters’ may be untraditional, yet according to Rob, that was part of the appeal. “It means we can wrap all our little communications around each individual selection of songs really tightly, and be creative in a tonne of different spaces, all over the course of this one record.”

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