Wake yourself up with the new Daydream Frenzy track, ‘Good Morning’

By Ben Tipple

Aberdeen three-piece Daydream Frenzy are gearing up to release their new EP later this month, following last year’s debut full-length, ‘Pride & Wonder’.

Heralded by the trio as one of the heavier tracks on the record, ‘Good Morning’ blends their penchant for melodic rock with a subtle grunge feel. It’s a grittier cousin to the likes of Twin Atlantic and their ilk, a band which Daydream Frenzy hope to support in the near future.

“We wanted a sort of balls to the walls rock song. Lyrically it’s about standing for what is right and fair,” the band explain. “We always wanted to make people feel like they could go out and do whatever they wanted in life and that nothing is standing in the way. I know it’s a big statement but lyrically it’s what drives a lot of the words behind the songs.”

And what do Daydream Frenzy spend their days dreaming out? “I personally sometimes daydream about headlining a festival in the sunset evening vibe with pink skies, great beer and everyone having a good time!”

With tracks like ‘Good Morning’ under their belt, and ‘Ocean Air’ due on the 27th May, that dream could become a reality.

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