Video premiere of Sad Blood’s final hurrah: ‘Little Love Letters’

By Mark Johnson

Having released their debut EP ‘Ultimate Worrier’ in 2015 and critically acclaimed follow-up ‘Legion of Gloom’ in 2016, Sad Blood are, sadly, calling it a day. Ensuring that they end on a high, single ‘Little Love Letters’ is a fond farewell and we’re delighted to be premiering it. But fear not, band front-man George Phillips is set to return with a brand new band, which is soon to be announced. Until that time, read on for Phillips’ description of ‘Little Love Letters’ and an exclusive look at the video.

“‘Little Love Letters’ is a song about unrequited love, feeling that the only way to get through hard times is drink your troubles away. It’s about nothing ever being enough and trying to find happiness in the wrong places. But mostly I think it’s kinda about falling out of love with Sad Blood. The video is sort of my thank you note to everyone who’s been there to listen to my bullshit when I’ve been feeling shit. Everyone who’s been there for me, especially the band.

I’ve drifted away a little bit over the past year, but I’ll never forget what we’ve shared and been through together. In a way this is my goodbye to the name Sad Blood and the things that stands for. Despite my best efforts, it hasn’t quite lead where I wanted, but I have made some incredible friends in the time the band existed. All good things must come to an end and so must the almost good I guess.”

‘Little Love Letters’ is available on iTunes and Spotify, and you can find out more about the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.