Suppy Dudes deliver pure pop-punk with ‘Pretty Girl Things’

By Ben Tipple

Dayton, OH pop-punks Suppy Dudes aren’t afraid of the genre label. In fact, they are doing all in their power to invite it. If the insatiably catchy melody of ‘Pretty Girl Things’ isn’t enough, the lyrics and accompanying video reference all the stereotypical pop-punk staples. Skateboards? Check. Whimsical self-deprecation? Check. Pizza? Double check. Failed teenage romance? Check. Limited self-confidence?… You get the point. They are even called Suppy Dudes. If you’re not clued up on it, Urban Dictionary have your back.

With so many clichés, Suppy Dudes are definitely not taking themselves too seriously. It’s all a bit of well-crafted fun. Even in the track’s tongue-in-cheek delivery, the quality of the cheery, upbeat melody is commendable. Whether ‘Pretty Girl Things’ is a parody or not, the four-piece have managed to pull together the flagship components of the genre into a slice of unadulterated entertainment. Really just a bucket load of fun.

“‘Pretty Girl Things’ is one of our favorite songs off our upcoming album ‘Josie’,” says co-vocalist and guitarist Brody Sullivan. “We had a ton of fun making the video even though there was no air conditioning and death was probable throughout!”

‘Pretty Girl Things’ will appear on the band’s forthcoming ‘Josie’ LP, due on the 29th July via Luxor Records. For more in Suppy Dudes, head to Facebook.