Stream the ‘Reckless Youth’ EP by The Shapers

By Ben Tipple

French punks The Shapers have been making a name for themselves since forming in 2009, primarily in South East Asia. The band have developed a dedicated following through extensive touring, taking them through China, Indonesia and Thailand. Celebrating the exposure, the band crossed the pond to shares stages with the likes of NOFX and Pennywise in the United States, presenting their blend of traditional punk with an occasional twist.

“’Reckless Youth’ is the product of years of hard work, we poured our hearts into this record and gave it everything,” the trio explain. “We are all really pleased with the end result and are happy to release an EP that we are really proud of. We look forward to touring within Europe and beyond to support its release.”

The Shapers are also using their experience and contact to broaden their music horizons. “We love collaborating with other artists, both for live shows and on recordings,” they add. “We are about to release a track that we recorded with Endank Soekamti. They’re one of the biggest bands in Indonesia, and it was awesome to work with them. We tracked some vocals in English over their recorded instrumental. They actually recorded the instrumental tracks on a desert island!”

“We are also currently working on a collaboration project with The Gania, a band lead by frontman Kemal Palevi, a famous Indonesia actor. The track will drop in a few months.”

Until then, stream the new ‘Reckless Youth’ EP exclusively below. The record will be available from the 26th February 2016.

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