Stream O’Holy Ghost’s new single ‘Across the Pond’

By Mark Johnson

Having already premiered the first two O’Holy Ghost singles, we’re excited to bring you the next track from the ex-Britishteeth act. ‘Across the Pond’ is the third single in a run of four recorded with Joe Roy Watson and Simon Small of Apologies, I Have None.

“I’d always wanted to write a song that was almost like a mini-novel, and ended up writing this,” explains singer James Farrelly, who wrote this particular track. “It’s about a young Catholic girl growing up in a dead-end town in the ’90s who reads a few Steinbeck books and decides to go travel across America. Like with so many things, the reality rarely lives up to the fantasy and she ends up questioning her choice to run away and get lost.”

Check out ‘Across the Pond’ below:

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