Stream Northshore’s debut EP ‘Alternative Futures’

By Mark Johnson

We’re giving you the chance to stream Northshore’s debut EP ‘Alternative Futures’ ahead of its release on August 21. The pop-punk quintet formed earlier this year from fragments of previous bands and having recently signed to Scylla Records, they’re already moving at a swift pace.

“The title Alternative Futures holds a lot of meaning for everyone in the band. None of us thought we’d be in this band, we all thought we’d still be in our previous bands and getting somewhere with them. Hence the title as this is an Alternative Future to what we were all expecting. It sums up that things don’t always go the way you want or expect it to and sometimes that’s for the best.

The EP deals with many things such as breakups, struggling with your mental health and coping with the loss of a loved one. The title track talks about overcoming all those struggles and becoming stronger because of it. We haven’t been together long but we poured everything we have into this and we hope that people can enjoy and connect with it just as much as we do!”

‘Alternative Futures’ is available for pre-order at Bandcamp and more merchandise is available through the band’s website. Check out the EP below:

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