Stream FACIAL’s new record ‘Facade’ ahead of its release

By Mark Johnson

We’re bringing you an exclusive early listen of FACIAL’s album ‘Facade’ ahead of its release on September 29. Vinyl pre-orders for the record are available here, or you can pre-order a digital version at iTunes.

“Inside all of us there are things that we try very hard to conceal: animal urges, selfishness, anger, hate, envy, violence, sexuality,” the band explain. “We push them down and paint an alternate reality on the surface: happy, caring, altruistic, confident, peaceful, benevolent. But when the discrepancy between facade and reality becomes too great, we are forced to confront the facade and to question the fabricated surface realities fed to us all. The music on this record cuts, churns, and moves. It bombards the listener, as if in attempt to disarm the defenses that we use to protect ourselves from these uncomfortable truths. Perhaps facades are necessary in certain scenarios; little white lies.”

Check out ‘Facade’ below:

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