Self Care Club Presents: Collab Playlist – June ’21

By Self Care Club

The sun is out, we’re in a reduced lockdown (sort of), and gigs are starting to come back. Although we’re not quite back to normality, it feels like we’re close – or at least, closer than we have been for eighteen long months. So with that in mind, we’ve once again consulted the Self Care Club to create a playlist of blisteringly hot tracks, suitable for the long evenings and warm nights.

With recommendations from our Patrons, as well as a few staff ones thrown in, we’ve built our playlist with love and care, to bring a selection of tracks that we recommend, with highlights below. So why don’t you take a listen to the compilation whilst browsing over the Self Care Club. You’re only a few short clicks from joining, so get involved and join the fun.

Jools – ‘How can some experience pride without liberation for all?’

Deeply political, this feels like an incredibly relevant song in these troubling times. Although Mitch might not have the strongest of pipes, his delivery is akin to Joe Talbot or Grain Chatten of IDLES / Fontaines D.C. respectively. In a similar way, the messages are the most important aspect of the track, although don’t sleep on the instrumentation. Jagged and visceral, it’s deceptively technical, with every squeal, every ounce of grit seemingly deliberately placed. With only four tracks currently released, this is a band who, despite being new to the scene, have created a recognisable sound, and use it with intent.


Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘My Town (feat. Joe Talbot)’

For the longest time, I’ve been someone who felt that “Ghost Town” by The Specials accurately summed up areas in and around where I’ve lived in (all the clubs really did get closed down in ‘my town’!). This packs a similar narrative punch and is delivered with a snarl and venom from Frank that reminds of why I fell in love with the Rattlesnakes’ debut record. The verse by Joe from IDLES hammers home the narrative in a way only he can, and quite frankly I haven’t stopped playing this since it dropped.


Weezer – ‘I Need Some Of That’

I was never not going to love Van Weezer. Of the tracks that were released from the record in 2021, this is the one that I just can’t get out of my head. Someone on the Mosh Talks (shoutout Beez!) Discord pointing out that the chorus melody sounds a lot like Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” has only made me love it more. That’s a YouTube mash-up waiting to be made in future!


Haggard Cat – ‘Quit Your Job’

A single from their upcoming EP, ‘Cheer Up’, this really is an outstandingly memorable track. Matt’s voice soars like an eagle, gliding majestically over some of the punchiest melodies I’ve heard this year, this is a track that pretty much forces you to move your body. It’s impressive the sheer amount of noise they can make as a two piece, the thundering drums and big swashes of distortion are outrageous. Turn this one up, and you’ll never turn it down.


Clowns – ‘Bland Is The New Black’

Australia really are churning out some incredible bands at the moment. From Parkway Drive and Tonight Alive to The Chats and Skegss, there’s something for everyone. For those looking for a classic punk sound, look no further than Clowns. These Melbourne heroes have unleashed a track that has such a pure NOFX feel to it, I actively had to check Fat Mike wasn’t involved. Low and behold, they’re on Fat Wreck Chords. A more appropriate home is almost impossible to find. With grit, wit and spit, this song is as good as you’ll hear this month.


Amigo The Devil – ‘Better Ways To Fry A Fish’

I never got round to the much lauded sophomore record from Amigo, but his third record of “murder folk” has hooked me in. Everything about this track paints a picture of the dark and macabre narrative of the torture being inflicted, from the lyrics to the bluesy score and diegetic cries of the “Fish”. I’d strongly recommend a listen of the whole album to get an insight into the breadth of Amigo’s songwriting, but consider this an amuse-bouche to get your started.


The Night Flight Orchestra – ‘Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough’

A band like this could only come from Sweden! While they have just released a new single, I can’t not show love to the title track from one of the albums that made me fall for them. Classic rock from the 70s and 80s with large helpings of synth, disco, pop, cheese and singalong choruses – which is perfect for this playlist given May is the month of Eurovision. It’s fair to say I will hopefully be living my best life three or four ciders deep watching them at Bloodstock this summer!


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