Noyo Mathis strive for greatness on debut album, ‘We Become Who We’ve Always Been’

By Aaron Lohan

We at Punktastic are exclusively streaming the massively sounding debut album from Noyo Mathis, ‘We Become Who We’ve Always Been’.

Produced by J. Robbins (The Promise Ring, Lemuria, Braid), the record demonstrates an ambition and sincerity from the South Coast indie rockers. It utilises math rock inspired tendencies, post hardcore foundations and alt rock grandeur in a ten track package.

“The record itself represents not only the efforts of five years of songwriting, but our personal reflections of the many changes that took place in our lives during that time,” explains the band, “hardships and depression, anxiety and loss, but also the hope that followed and the pursuit – and discovery – of real happiness. The songs, for us, are a letter to the self; a reminder of who we are, who we’ve been before and everything we’ve experienced, but with the knowledge in hindsight that we can strive to not only maintain our happiness, but to let it flourish.”

‘We Become Who We’ve Always Been’ by Noyo Mathis will be digitally released on bandcamp on the 14th April, with a CD release to follow soon after. The trio will also be playing at Edge of the Wedge in Southsea on the 13th May with The Stayawakes and El Morgan. Profits from all of the band’s merchandise sold on the night will go towards aiding Aurora New Dawn, a charity which supports survivors of domestic abuse and violence. You can find more info about the show here.