Meet BarCreeps through new track, ‘The Hour Between Dog And Wolf’

By Ben Tipple

We may have used “meet” in the loosest sense in the title of this article, as London based quartet BarCreeps remain entirely mysterious. Opting never to show their faces in promotional material in favour of the pictured generic bar creep (get it?), the outfit have only revealed their musical pedigree. BarCreeps are, in want of a better term, a punk supergroup.

The members have among them played with or alongside Fugazi, Amy Winehouse, The Pipettes, a premiere The Ramones tribute act, The Young Playthings, The Beastie Boys and have even had a song covered by Mark Ronson. The intriguingly named bassist Railgrind was only kept off number one spot in Japan by Jennifer Lopez. Confused? Don’t be. Basically, these four guys have had quite the musical experience.

On ‘The Hour Between Dog And Wolf’, the debut single by BarCreeps, they deliver fast melodic skate-punk inspired by Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Touch and Go, Jade Tree and Dischord. The track itself discusses the implausibility of a centralised world view. It’s part of their mantra to bring meaning back to music, and doing it all themselves.

Check out their very first, very fast, debut single ‘The Hour Between Dog And Wolf’ below (due to be self-released on the 15th April), and catch their debut London performance supporting Damn Dice at the Camden Barfly on the 23rd April 2016.

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