By Shannon Eacups

Apr 13, 2023 13:36

The sun is finally out and excitement is brewing in the air, with Takedown Fest having just kickstarted the festival year, leaving us gearing up for another season of sunburns, sleepless nights and shenanigans - hopefully no one decides to decorate the doghouse in toilet paper this year! 

However, there is still this looming shadow above our heads; with a continued lack of diverse lineups between the same old stagnant headliners that have shown time again they are seasoned veterans of the mainstage, and a lack of women, non-binary and POC representation. Sometimes, all it takes is someone who is willing to take a risk, and give the underdogs a chance. And that, my friends, is where LUME FEST resides. 

LUME FEST is  founded by Lauren Bell (owner of Passion For Talent Management) and Adam Green (owner of Lume Booking Agency) during a summer’s evening inside The Shakespeare in Victoria. Their combined vision was to create an event with a strong focus towards women, LGBTQ+ folk and POC, allowing them to feel included and heard where they otherwise are not, ultimately creating a diverse set of acts throughout the day across three different venues inside the very heart of Camden. 

Speaking on the message and legacy of this festival, Lauren goes on to say ”LUME FEST is here to lead by example on the importance of lineups and events crews no longer being male dominated” and by no means is this the type of festival to speak without following through. The lineup alone is an incredible feat for their first year.

And it appears we aren’t alone in our thoughts in regards to lack of diversity between lineups and the scene itself with Dream State’s Jessie Powell going on to say, ”as a woman who hasn’t always felt welcome in the metal scene, it’s really important to me to headline the very first LUME FEST.” With more people speaking out on personal experience and others trying to take steps towards the right direction we can only hope this old, deadbeat narrative will not longer exist in the next decade and we – women, non-binaries & POC – won’t have to fight for inclusion whether that’s behind the scene or on stage. Music is music; let it be. It’s the 21st century, we have no room for gatekeepers, misogyny or racism – we can all have a slice of the pie and be equals. 

Our mainstage takes place at The Underworld where we’ll open the day with Your Misery; the energetic riff makers turned ambient explorers. The Underworld plays host to a plethora of bands who feature women in the front gears of the underground’s most exciting live acts; including Delaire The Liar, Bambie Thug, Lake Malice, Kerrang! and Radio 1 presenter Alyx Holcombe and headliners, Dream State.

The second stage of festivities will be at everyone’s favourite pub, The Black Heart – who will be cooking up a storm with their delightful vegan menu if you need to recharge your batteries. This is where we’ll see the grunge-rock excitement that is Moskito followed up by the angst fuelled rage of Call To The Faithful and the electrifying Lizzy Farrall. Our co-headliners are the technical riffery meets melodic ferocity of Black Orchid Empire and Graphic Nature; whose bark packs as much as their bite. If you want something earth shakingly heavy then this is where you’ll want to find yourself for this evening. 

However, if you desire to get rowdy, throw down some fists in the pit, and karate chop your way to front you’ll want to find your way to The Camden Eye for Neversaid – a pop-punk meets post-hardcore fusion – who are opening the festival on this (hopefully) bright and sunny afternoon. Throughout the day, this stage homes the likes of alt rockers Youth Illusion whose colourful backgrounds make their sound as exciting as it is spicy, the math-rock insanity of Blight Town and Tether; who are sure to bring a wild crowd –  expect crowd surfers galore during this set. 

And what a treat they have for those lucky VIP ticket holders as the night is far from over for you with two afterparty DJ sets from Alyx Holcombe (again) and The Blackout’s Sean Smith over at The Black Heart. Undoubtedly you’ll be screaming along to some classic emo tracks til your lungs collapse and remind you just how old you really are – don’t mind us we’ll be in the bathroom crying. If you aren’t feeling the festival season hit just yet though you’re sure to be feeling those post blues hit the following morning.

LUME FEST takes place on April 15th with a low ticket warning as they speed across that finishing line, on track to sell out their first year. General Admission and VIP tickets for LUME FEST are still available here but act fast before they’re all gone! The official sponsors for this years LUME FEST is Signature Brew who host a range of their products across all three venues so you can enjoy a nice, crisp cold on with a side of sunnies in-between acts to quench your thirst.