Introducing: Lost In Stereo

By Eloise Bulmer

Having just released their debut EP ‘Famous First Words’, Glaswegian pop-punk band Lost In Stereo are ready to take on the world. “We always wanted to write a first EP that stood out, something that was that little bit different and caught the attention of any genre and not just fans of pop-punk music,” they explain of their mindset when sitting down to write the release. Sounding slightly more on the pop side than punk, the EP is a solid body of work for a first release– however it wasn’t always going to work out this way.

“About a year ago we thought we had the songs ready, however they just didn’t seem to work together as an EP, something was missing. We wrote a new EP with the help of our awesome friend STÂŁFAN, this time with a running theme that reflected our views. We then began to have more of a connection with our own work,” they tell us of the journey they took to release ‘Famous First Words’. Influenced by pop-punk giants such as All Time Low and Green Day, the band are also less obviously influenced by jazz and Justin Bieber, making for those massive hooks that are a prominent feature throughout the release.

“This has been an exciting point in our careers and has motivated us to keep on bringing our best music to the table. We have a huge long list of songs which we have either finished or nearly completed,” they continue, clearly excited for what lies ahead for them. As for gigs, the band recently played their first show outside of Glasgow at The Fiddlers Elbow in London. “We love just messing about, having a fun time being weird and enjoy a good laugh – all whilst bringing as much energy as we can to liven up our show and break a sweat”.

It’s been a big year for the band, and 2018 is looking like it will be even bigger, with more music to be released and undoubtedly more shows to be announced. One thing they would people to know about them? “We like pineapple on pizza and sometimes anchovies. Thanks!”

Check out ‘Famous First Words’ below: