Future Idiots celebrate being corny on ‘Imperfect’

By Ben Tipple

“I may not be perfect, but baby I’m perfect for you,” the chorus on Swedish pop-punks Future Idiots’ new track ‘Imperfect’ proclaims. “I know that’s a really cheesy line,” they admit, a hint of a self-approving philosophy that runs deep into the song. Although based around love, the track is ultimately about acceptance.

“‘Imperfect’ is loosely based on the past relationships of band-mate Marius,” they explain. “He’s had some crazy girlfriends and the relationships that almost always ended equally crazy. It’s also about loving someone for who they are, not for who they could be. And for being able to make fun of being stupid in love and how corny it can be, but also that it’s okay to be corny.”

This slice of upbeat and remarkably catchy pop-punk isn’t trying to be anything more. It’s impossible not to get caught up in Future Idiot’s joyous sound, far removed from the title’s imperfection.

‘Imperfect’ will be available from the 5th May 2016, taken from the band’s forthcoming ‘Murphy’s Law’ LP – due on the 10th. Grab it via BandCamp, and find out more on the band’s website and Facebook.