First play of the new Rootwork single, ‘Trust’

By Glen Bushell

Rootwork’s brand of dynamic, aurally compelling rock music is certainly unique. They take cues from a wide range of influence, and manage to craft something that sounds like only one band: Rootwork. Today we are bringing you the first play of their brand new single, ‘Trust’, which serves as the next logical step for the London-based trio.

“‘Trust’ is about the many ways in which you can be failed, and the unwavering righteousness that takes hold in response,” explain the band of their new single. “It’s the first stage of a journey that continues throughout our forthcoming EP, ‘Some Of Us May Never Bloom’, alongside meaty topics like abject failure, depression, and finding your place in the world. We wrote this song using a Ring Modulator on loads of the guitar parts, mainly because it sounds absolutely disgusting and to actually write a semi accessible song with one felt like an achievement.”

‘Trust’ is take from Rootwork’s forthcoming EP, ‘Some Of Us May Never Bloom’, which is released on November 18th. You can catch the band live at Oxjam Reading on October 15th.