First play of the new Fat Goth track, ‘Thoroughbred’

By Glen Bushell

Today we are bringing you an exclusive listen to the excellent new track from Scottish trio, Fat Goth.

“‘Thoroughbred’ is a portrait of the career politician and comments on the responsibility of the electorate,” says Fraser Stewart from the band. “The song is about David Cameron, but living in Brexit Britain and Trump as President, the listener is really spoiled for choice in nominating their own Piece of Shit from the political rouge gallery.”

“It’s depressing whenever I consider the contemptuous and tedious practise of societies continually electing liars and manipulators, usually from ludicrously privileged backgrounds, who prove to be nothing more than subservients of their own fucking greed,” he continues. They reap the benefits of well-rehearsed and carefully considered soundbites and slogans that often pander to out-dated and regressive attitudes, and it’s particularly grim when you consider how often these backwards steps come at the cost of the younger generation’s hopes and aspirations. But hey, that’s politics, and it would appear we can’t get enough of it.”

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