First play of the crushing new album from Problem Of Pain

By Glen Bushell

For a band comprised of only two members, Problem of Pain know how to make one hell of a noise. Their new album, ‘Burn What My Hands Wrought’ is an 11-track onslaught of sonic fury, and today we are giving you an exclusive listen to it ahead of the release.

“We want to break down formats and thought processes to challenge others to think critically, and even counter culturally,” shares co-vocalist/guitarist, Garrett Finch. “[Our goal is] to use art as an expression and outlet of the inner dissension that I process daily. Embodying these thoughts through the sounds that we create with our ‘experimental’ sound; and the lyrics we write gives way to be honest with not only others, but also ourselves.”

’Burn What My Hands Wrought’ is released on July 29th via Blood and Ink Records, and is available to pre-order now.

Photo Credit: Sam DeBurgh