First play of Korrupt’s new track ‘Intuition’

By Mark Johnson

We’re excited to bring you the first play of Korrupt’s latest track ‘Intuition’. The Norwegian hardcore act are set to release their debut album ‘Preachers and Creatures’ on October 20 via Fysisk Format, which can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

“Intuition is one of those song where, after I wrote it, I kinda just took a step back and was like, ‘what the fuck, where did that come from?’ That’s some good ass lyrics right there,” Marius Myhren explains. “I do regret, though, some of the choice of words here and there, and I do feel like I could have written it a bit smarter. Now it feels more like an outburst than anything else. Nevertheless, it’s a song I really deeply enjoy reading the lyrics to, cause it takes me back to the state of mind I was in when I wrote it.”

Check out ‘Intuition’ below:

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