Debt Neglector premiere single ‘New White Roses’

By Penny Bennett

‘New White Roses’ is the new single from ‘The Kids Are Pissed’ released on October 26th Via Smartpunk Records

The six new songs tackle subjects like the current rise of the Alt-Right, America’s inhuman immigration situation and gun reform, while showcasing the bands ability to toe the line between angry and catchy. If The Kids are Pissed had an overarching theme, it would be outrage. Outrage with the systems in place that discriminate against people without power and try to keep them powerless. Outrage against the abuses of our government and their sickening allegiance to lobbyists over their constituents. And outrage against the people trying to deny our country the right to healthcare, safety, and a quality education free from crushing debt.

‘New White Roses is probably the most melodic song on the record, but it’s also kind of melancholy sounding. We were shooting for more of a sappy sounding Descendents vibe and this is what came out. This one was also my attempt at having something positive to say for once in a Debt Neglector song. The White Roses were this amazing group of students and a teacher that were activists in Germany during World War II. They risked their lives to pass out leaflets and spray graffiti that countered the Nazi regime. They called for opposition to what was happening in Germany and abroad tried to rally people to resist them. I thought they had a fascinating story and thought about people today that I admire that carry on that legacy of resistance.’

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Photo Credit: Michael Eliassen