Paper + Plastick Offer ‘Welcome To The UK’ Comp For Free

By Mike Scott

To mark Paper + Plastick’s proper launch in the UK, they have a put together a compilation of their favourite UK artists, including as much new material as they could get together. The track listing is:
1. Ducking Punches – Greedy Bones (EXCLUSIVE LISTEN: previously unreleased, taken from their upcoming new album Fizzy Brain), England.
2. Mixtape Saints – Sleep, England.
3. Good Friend – The Return of Fionn & The Fianna (EXCLUSIVE LISTEN: Previously Unreleased), Northern Ireland.
4. Question the Mark – Perk-u-later (EXCLUSIVE: Demo version), Wales.
5. Bear Trade – Son of Manse, (Proper Northern) England
6. Random Hand – A Clean Slate (From the new album Hit Reset, c/o Bomber Music) England
7. The Murderburgers – ‘The Shades Of Grey’ from ‘These Are Only Problems’’ c/o Asian Man Records, Scotland
8. The Kimberley Steaks – Chemical Imbalance c/o Don’t Ask and Round Dog, Scotland
9. The Run Up – Lately (EXCLUSIVE LISTEN: Previously Unreleased), England
10. Deadlines – Habits & Mindsets, Wales
11. Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Transmission c/o Bomber Music, England
12. Jake & The Jellyfish – Coffee Tally, England
13. Bad Ideas – No Secret I, England

Get the compilation for nothing direct from the label.

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