Babymetal reveal video for ‘Karate’

By Ben Tipple

Babymetal have rarely graced our online pages before. Although we have been known to dip our toes into the muddy metal waters, it’s evidently not our bread and butter. So why have the three young Japanese all-round entertainers made their way here now? Because they do just that, entertain.

Their main stage opening slot at Reading and Leeds Festival last year was an unrivalled spectacle and denying the sheer enjoyment factor would be neigh-on criminal. It was the first moment we began to eat our own words, having previously written them off before really giving them the time of day.

The second reason? ‘Katate’ is a banger. An actual banger. It’s metal, yes, and it contains some potentially irritating high pitched warbling, but we’ve been incessantly humming the tune in our heads for the last few weeks.

Anyway, here’s the video for it. Join us.

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