By paul

Paul: Hey Mark, how are things?
Mark: Very good super busy but good.

Paul: First up, why did you decide to call the brand Glamour Kills? Is there a meaning behind the name?
Mark: It was kind of just a spur of the moment thing I had an idea and concept for the line and already had a bunch of shirts designed but no name so one night a friend and I were driving around and started throwing out names glamour kills came up and it sounded cool, so it just stuck, i dont think things like names should matter as much as the shirts and concepts for what they stand for.

Paul: Explain why and how you set the company up please – what inspired you to start working on designs?
Mark: I was going to college at the time and studying graphic design the classes were a joke and I basically was teaching the teachers. i had been designing for different companies and bands for years so it was always something i was passionate bout. One day i decided I wanted to do something for myself and not get stuck in a 9-5 so i took a chance on this and started it up with what little money I had.

Paul: What inspires you now – are there any artists/bands/anything that encourages you to design new lines for the brand?
Mark: I’d say music is a huge inspiration lately ive been into a lot of punk bands from my childhood like bad religion nofx pennywise bigwig…. im really into everything pop indie whatever

Paul: Did you ever expect GK to grow into the ‘beast’ it has now become? At which point did you go ‘wow…we’ve got biiiig!’
Mark: No I didnt! haha it just happened I didnt know what to expect when i started this I mean everyone would want there company to get big. its just so surreal and awesome i get to do this everyday for a living. Id say the first time i saw the tees on the television was pretty cool.

Paul: Do you think there are too many clothing brand/designers about? Do you think the market has become saturated with myspace etc giving anyone and everyone a platform to sell clothing? Has the internet relaxed quality control?
Mark: Yes, i mean i cant really shit talk about starting a company with the help of myspace cause hey i did it. But what i think is that people just assume you need 3 or 4 shirts a myspace page and paypal and u r set. it doesnt work that way you have to give your life to this and promote day in and out. i get like 20 friend requests on my myspace a day from these people with shirts that look like something I did 2 years ago.

Paul: Why did you decide to market GK at music – whether it be bands and/or fans? Are you a musician yourself?
Mark: I am not a musicisin but I grew up in the music scene and its my 2nd passion to art. Ive been designing tee, cds, demo tapes, etc s for bands since i was 15 and it just felt right. It was something I knew and wanted my brand to be associated with my main source of inspiration.

Paul: When you look to work with bands what attracts you to them?
Mark: Definitely their music but also there work ethic as well. I want a band that will be loyal as well not just someone trying to score free gear. its a friendship thing not a business for us no contracts and bs.

Paul: Do you have any favourite bands you’d love to work with but haven’t done as yet?
Mark: Blink 182 would be pretty rad!

Paul: Have you any plans to expand GK into Europe? What attracted you to the bands you sponsor here in the UK?
Mark: Yes we do actually, we are working on expanding into stores into the UK and all of europe. be on the look out!

Paul: How did you hook up with sponsoring the stage at Slam Dunk Festival?
Mark: We got involved in the Slam Dunk fest last year for the first time last year. Vinny, our other marketing guy, was contacted by the promoter of Slam Dunk because the guys in You Me At Six mentioned how they were sponsored by us. Then I was contacted this year by the same promoter and we set it up again. It’s pretty great to have our own stage at a festival like this.

Paul: What advice would you give budding designers looking to emulate the success of Glamour Kills?
Mark: Work hard, if it s something your 100% passionate about, dont give up and you can do this. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were we.

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