Twin Atlantic – Free

By Andy

This was always going to be a big album. Just how big, even we couldn’t predict (and we fucking love TWIN ATLANTIC). It pleases us to say then, that ‘Free’ is such a sizeable rock beast, you may find yourself needing a little lie down after the first listen to soak it all in.

Having showed considerable promise with their debut EP ‘A Guidance From Colour’ and subsequent mini-album ‘Vivarium’, the buzz around Twin Atlantic has been building steadily and surely and the pressure to produce the results on the debut full-length is something we’d rather not deal with ourselves. Nevertheless, Twin Atlantic have measured up to expectations and with the help of the legendary Gil Norton helming the operation, ‘Free’ has the potential to launch the Glaswegian foursome to heights most bands can only dream of. We hope they’re prepared.

The best thing about ‘Free’ is there is no huge musical departure from what they’ve done before – this is the logical next step. Not only that, but it lacks the inconsistences they’ve previously been prone to. This is one of those albums where you can genuinely cite every single song as an utter belter. ‘Edit Me’ blasts in with a pummelling force, introducing Sam McTrusty’s Scotch-as-you-like vocals with no apologies, while the bluesy and groove-laden ‘Dreamember’ shows they can venture off their own beaten path without losing their way. When it comes to slowing things down, as they do in ‘Crash Land’, they do so without sounding facetious or forced, ultimately producing a song that’s going to soundtrack an infinite number of relationships, breakups, weddings and funerals for years to come. Honestly, try listening to it once and not welling up, even just a little bit.

Twin Atlantic are unapologetically riding the crest of a massive wave at the moment and they deserve every single second of it. ‘Free’ only confirms them as one of the most captivating and original rock bands the UK has to offer and if you disagree upon listening to this, you are basically a fucking idiot.


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