The Xcerts – ‘Wildheart Dreaming’

By Yasmin Brown

As a fan of The Xcerts, it can be frustrating to continually see their music fall on deaf ears. Having easily relatable lyrics and powerful choruses, it consists of the exact ingredients required to make massively popular art.

Their latest release, ‘Wildheart Dreaming’, is no exception, as whether you’re listening intently or letting the EP play in the background, there are ample moments wherein you find yourself imagining a packed room roaring the words back at the Aberdeen trio among fans who understandably feel connected to this guitar fuelled pop-rock.

Whatever your opinion on The Xcerts, there’s no denying that they demand to be heard.

Lyrically, the EP seems to revolve around self-love, empathy and the idea that you’re loved by somebody, even if you don’t know it. This concept was first introduced in the EP’s opening track and first single ‘You Mean Everything’. Frontman Murray Macleod’s subtle and soothing Scottish vocals are instantly recognisable and combined with the uplifting lyrics and joyous tones of the music, it’s impossible to not feel even a little better the moment the EP begins.

‘Ready to Call’ effortlessly continues to spread positivity with its repetitive chorus reminding you that someone is coming for you, and its bridge acting as a short reminder to breathe in those tougher moments. It flows seamlessly into ‘Fight or Run’ which transports you back to the innocence of youth with the same encouraging anthemic build up as ‘You Mean Everything’.

The EP closes with the acoustically driven ‘Real Love’, a track which epitomises the theme of compassion that defines ‘Wildheart Dreaming’. Its soft tones and the raw, demo-like recording make it the most touching track on the EP, echoing the painful vulnerability that comes through in the lyrics.

As a collection of tracks that have been released with the view of bringing the ‘Hold Onto Your Heart’ album cycle to a close, The Xcerts may well have saved the best til last.


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