The Freaks Union – Songs From Despair

By paul

Unrelenting and ferocious, this goes down as one of Deck Cheese Records’ best releases. I think I’ve said that to myself on each of their last three releases (NoComply – if that was in the last three anyway – and Route 215 make up the others), but the label constantly pushes itself. And with a sea of shite bands peddling out the same old excrement, it is difficult to come across bands that actually do something with power and feeling. The Freaks Union have bucketloads of everything. ‘Songs From Despair’ is the kind of record that takes you from the middle reaches of League One (in footballing terms), to the upper echeleons of the Premier League in no time at all. It’s a Strike Anywhere-influenced, brash, behemoth of a record that sounds fucking huge.

It’s the kind of album that No Idea should be begging to release. Songs like ‘Anywhere But Now’ are hook-filled bundles of joy, get have as much aggression as a pent-up Rottweiler on heat. Jimbo Baxter has the kind of vocal delivery that many young bands aspire to and this is backed-up with back-up vocals that really hit the spot. ‘Stranger In Your Home’ is typical of what The Freaks Union are all about – you can almost feel the limbs flying across the stage as they launch themselves into the song. Guitar riffs scythe and the drums hammer really hard. If they’re not on your radar yet, they will be soon. Expect Mike Davies and The Lock Up to be bringing this band to a radio near you soon. After that, the world’s pretty much their oyster. Who would have thought a bunch of lads from Hull could take on the likes of Strike Anywhere and stand there trading blow for blow? One of the best UK albums released this year…
Deck Cheese Records


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