Halflives – ‘Resilience’

By Yasmin Brown

From the moment the ‘Resilience’ EP kicks off with ‘Rockstar Everyday’, it’s easy to see how Halflives have picked up such a fierce online following in their four years as a band. Despite having only previously released an eight track EP back in 2017, this is a band that has cemented their sound with absolution, while still improving with each new track they release. With ‘Resilience’, it’s clear to see that Halflives have refused to let any prior success see them plateau.

Opening track ‘Rockstar’ tells a story of daydreaming of another life through the use of electronic rock and the impressively versatile vocals of front woman Linda Battilani before transitioning smoothly into the strong, sexy and sultry ‘Snakes’. This second track is by far a stand out, highlighting exactly what it is that will continue to catalyse Halflives’ career progression as they tap into a strange yet fascinating amalgamation of genres.

From pop to rock to electronica, each song has something new to offer, and like so many other up and coming bands, Halflives are rejecting the idea that they should be boxed into any given genre or category. The tracks on this EP often come in the form of an anthem, but never so much as with the giant track ‘Time Bomb’, a welcome collaboration with Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn. The cool bass line and catchy verses are supplemented by Quinn’s complementary vocal tones, with heavier elements adding depth to an already layered track – a vibrant spark in an EP that’s already on fire.

The penultimate and closing tracks seem to act as a pair, taking you through this final journey towards liberation and strength. ‘One Bad Day’ touches on depression and is sadly relatable in its soft hopelessness before we’re pushed through the darkness into ‘Hard to Break’,  ending the EP on a perfect pop-rock high.

Halflives are something special, though their magnificence is so subtle you’ll struggle to put your finger on exactly why you love them so much. Whatever the reason, after just one listen, you’ll find these tracks spinning round in your head for weeks to come, and that is exactly why Halflives are an unstoppable force. 


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