glimmers – ‘Worlds Apart’

By Gem Rogers

It can take a lot to make a mark in the world of pop rock – and in just one short year (that has, in fairness, felt like quite a long one), Atlanta quintet glimmers have made the most of a closed down pandemic world to introduce themselves in the form of two EPs. It may only be six months since debut ‘Cluttered Heart’ was released, but follow-up ‘Worlds Apart’ feels anything but rushed, instead building on their sound to create an enchanting collection of songs perfect for the relaxed summer evenings that are on their way.

As with their debut, there’s a gentle softness and vulnerability at the core of ‘Worlds Apart’ that’s immediately evident on opening track and lead single ‘No Good At Goodbyes’, at first allowing vocalist Maggie Schneider to take centre stage over soothing acoustic guitar before building pace with the chorus and guest vocals from Nick Pena (lostbody). It’s followed by the sepia-toned ‘Fallin’’, where the band’s light, pop-focused melodic approach complements daydreamy lyrics about a reluctantly lost relationship. These first tracks feel very much like two parts of the same story, and that continues into the more upbeat, Taylor Swift-esque ‘Purple Tux’, where regret and longing juxtaposes with a sparkling beat drenched in nostalgia.

If there’s a downside to this EP, it’s that the sugary sweetness can at times feel a little cloying; the early Mayday Parade stylings of ‘By The Lips’ adds just enough weight to bring it back from the edge, and there’s a youthful innocence about the songs that matches the polish of the sound without feeling forced. Similarly, the EP being tied together by one overarching story about the stages of a relationship – or more specifically, a previous relationship – means it feels cohesive, but only offers a fairly specific set of emotions that may not appeal to a broader audience.

‘Worlds Apart’ finishes with an acoustic rendition of opening track ‘No Good At Goodbyes’, bringing listeners around full circle, but it’s penultimate track ‘Stay’ that grabs the most attention and could easily have offered a solid conclusion to this tale on its own. A sweeping orchestral element elevates the song, adding a depth and sorrow that feels more mature than the tracks that preceded it, as well as providing much needed variety.

Though ‘Worlds Apart’ isn’t perfect, for fans of acoustic-influenced, pop-focused alternative music, glimmers have a huge amount to offer; delicate, sweet, and incredibly easy to listen to, it’s the kind of EP that the right audience will fall head over heels in love with. It will be interesting to see what more the band can offer in terms of a full-length release, and whether they can balance their sound over a longer runtime – for now, though, we can be content with knowing that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from this promising young band.


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