Erica Drive – ‘The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing’

By Yasmin Brown

British band Erica Drive depict almost everything you think of when you hear the words ‘pop-punk’.


While consistently drawing from classic pop-punk beats and riffs, alongside a combination of typically angst-ridden and motivational, uplifting lyrics, they also refuse to fall into the trap that so many British pop-punk bands do in that they have – thankfully – avoided faking heavily Americanised vocals.

Their sound is nothing groundbreaking, but there are moments throughout the EP that are filled with promise, hinting at a not-too-distant future that sees them finding their individual sound and voice. There’s a sense of determination that shines through in each track, as though desperate to make a point that they deserve to be in this industry – and the strength that comes through in the dirtier vocals emphasises this even further.

For a band with three guitarists, they’ve missed an opportunity to make something dynamic and novel, and there are moments where what should be a technical advantage ends up being a hindrance to their sound. In Better Man, for example, two contradicting riffs are played over one another, making the track feel messy and confusing. That said, being fresh to the scene and clearly still taking heavy influence from their favourite bands, there’s ample opportunity to grow into themselves, tighten up, and find a sound that is inherently theirs.


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