Black Cougar Shock Unit – Black Cougar Shock Unit


Ex members of Panthro UK United 13, signed to Newest Industry Records and interviewed in the last issue of Fracture. Yes, I had preconceptions before I put this Cd into my stereo as well. And on the most part, they were right.

This is almost entirely what you’re expecting. Grizzled, rough around the edges mid paced punk rock will inevitably get likened to Hot Water Music as a mainstream example and lapped up by the Leeds scene. Don’t get me wrong, though, I like this, I’m just stating the obvious for you.

That’s right, Black Cougar Shock Unit play a punky rock style of music with throaty vocals and a nod to other styles of music, namely country rock and the like. Some nice guitar work shines through on tracks such as opener ‘Iron Cobra’, with it’s drunken solo opening, and penultimate track ‘Wild Pegasus’ is a roaring singalong of a track.

Ultimately, however, this just isn’t for me. I like it, and I’d happily stand there with a pint, tapping my foot and nodding along if I saw them live, but at times it’s a little too self indulgent and on the whole, too inconsistent to hold my attention for too long.

That said, if you like British bands like Blocko or (obligatory reference) Leatherface, or anything that gets lumped into that kind of category, then go ahead, give it a try. For me, it’s all a bit ‘same old same old’ though. But what ya gonna do eh?


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